LatAm Autos

LatAm Autos is a leading online classifieds portal  in the automobile industry in Latin America. The corporation has operations in six countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Bolivia and Argentina. LatAm Autos offers classifieds services to private buyers and sellers and to commercial sellers and car dealerships. In addition, the corporation provides transactional services such as:

Used Car Financing: Motorcredit

Motorcredit is an online used car financing service initially launched with Ecuador´s largest financial institution, Banco del Pichincha. The platform is fully integrated across mobile and desktop devices. During 2017 new partnerships with other financial institutions such as Cooperativa Andalucía, leaded to the development of a Multibank platform, where the user is able to apply to a credit with any of the partner institutions. Until June 2017, Motorcredit brought 2.500 credit applications in Ecuador.

Vehicle Tracking: CarSync

Carsync is a vehicle tracking service that provides the driver with useful data on the status of the vehicle, and client behaviour while driving. The service can be installed in any car model and allows real-time tracking of the vehicle’s location, synchronization with parking and traffic services, theft detection, road assistance and motion sensors to detect driving patterns.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance was launched in May 2017 with a  partnership with Mapfre Insurance company. With this partnership, LatAm Autos is able to offer its users an insurance that has the lower rates on the market. A vast reception of the product since its launch, implies that there is a considerable interest in the Ecuadorian market. The idea is to amplify the range of insurance providers to deliver our users with a range of assorted options.


LatAm Autos Portals


latamautos portals


PATIOTuerca is the portal for classifieds in Ecuador, Panama and in Bolivia. In Ecuador, PATIOTuerca is the leading platform for buying and selling used cars. For more information visit:


SEMINuevos is the classifieds portal in Mexico with an inventory of approximately 60.000 automobiles. For more information visit:


TODOAutos is the classifieds and content portal for Peru. It has approximately 10.000 autos on its inventory. For more information visit:


AUTOfoco in Argentina is LatAm autos online classifieds portal. The inventory amounts to approximately 50.000 autos. For more information visit:


LatAm Autos Media Mentions


Latam Autos Used car financingEl Universo Ecuador: Online financing for used cars launch

PATIOTuerca launched its new product Motorcredit in which consumers can apply for an online credit for used cars at a 16% interest rate. Read More.



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LatAm autos leads the online classifieds market offering their users a series of additional products such as financing, insurance and vehicle tracking. Read More.


Latam Autos used car pricesEl Comercio: Used cars price dropped between 9% and 15% in the first trimester 2017

The eradication of restrictions in the automobile industry in Ecuador brought as a consequence a drop in used car prices. Due to this reduction PATIOTuerca increased sales by 15% and 25% during the first months of 2017. Read More.


Latam Autos compra seguraEntorno Inteligente: Solutions to forget the bureaucratic formalities behind a car sale

Finding a car can be a nightmare as only 15% of consumers know what to do after purchasing one. PATIOTuerca offers a product in which the customer has a guarantee that the car is in perfect legal and mechanical state. Read More.


Latam Autos car IndustryTeleamazonas: Status of the automotive industry during the first trimester 2017

The first trimester of 2017, brings good news to the automotive industry in Ecuador. The drop in car prices means that sales are going to increase for firms in this sector. Watch Video.


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The online platform PATIOTuerca just launched its recent product that consists in online financing for used cars. Read More.



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Due to its recent launch of online financing, PATIOTuerca offers consumer a new guide with tips to take account when purchasing a financed used car. Read More.



Latam Autos used cars marketEl Comercio: Used Car Market in Ecuador shows sign of Recovery

Between Feb. 2017 and Jun. 2017 used car sales show great signs of improvement. According to PATIOTuerca country manager Juan Esteban Saenz, for every new car sale 3 used cars enter into the used car market. Read more.